Daily Joy

Happy Tuesday,

I’ve been noticing lately how my mind is living in the future.  I moved here I guess in my mind temporarily depending on what happened with my family.  My lease is up in 9 months and I really have been living somewhere else a lot in my head.

I want to enjoy my time here though, I don’t want to miss out on what is here for me now.  How can I BE HERE?

Not only is it pertinent for ME here now in this city but also being here wherever I am at all times.  Being somewhere else mentally no matter what my circumstance only keeps me unsatisfied with where I am now…which will only have me being unsatisfied when I finally get “there”.  Even though I think it’s totally justified that I have these thoughts about feeling better in the future, it really is an opportunity for me to find my joy now.

So I think I will inquire “What is great about being here now?”

One definite thing that is great about being here is I get to be with my Dad often.  It’s great we can text each other and go for a movie or coffee spontaneously.  I also would like to deepen our relationship which being in close proximity is great for.  I get to enjoy the feelings of my childhood…maybe I should go walk the school campuses where I went.  Orange Coast Christian School (elementary school) I don’t think I’ve been there since 6th grade.  I am close to the beach and get to enjoy the smells of the ocean, sunsets.


Joy : )




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